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 Nick Curry memorial/Holiday open
Date/Time:Sunday, December 16, 2018 (8:00 AM - 11:00 PM)
Sanction #:  06-18-144988
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Meet Details
Meet Description

2018 Nick Curry Memorial/ Holiday open

Men’s and Woman’s Weightlifting Competition

Sanctioned and conducted by the Metropolitan Local Weightlifting Committee of the U.S.A. Weightlifting Federation

Date:   Dec 16, 2018 (Sunday)

Place:   645 Stewart Ave, Garden City, New York 11530

Sanction:  06-18-144988



Categories                                                      Weigh-Ins                  Competition

Men  B session                                                 8:00 am                      10:00 am                                                             

 Men’s A session                                              11:00 am                   1:00 pm                          

Female B session                                              1.30 pm                     3:30 pm

Female A session                                              3:30  pm                     5:30 pm


Weigh in times will be modified due to the numbers of entries. PLEASE CHECK YOUR

 E-MAIL starting (Dec. 12, 2018) for any changes in weigh-in times. Meet director will make A and B session  based on qualifying total you put on the entry.   All local meets run over and that is to be expected but we would like to keep that to a minimum.  PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL!


All athletes must be currently registered with the USAW.


Competition is conducted under USAW rules. Athletes must present USAW membership cards at the weigh-in. If you are not currently a member of the USAW, you must register prior to the day of the meet, it must be done online.  (Minors under 18 may only register with a parent’s or guardian’s signature on USAW application). This competition will have at least 2 national referees or higher.  The lifter must notify the 2 completion secretaries in charge of the meet, Jeff Scott and Larry Mintz. They will be located at the head table, if national referees are needed in the chair or any other issue arises. It must be brought to their attention ASAP.


Awards will be given to the first three place winners in each men’s and female weight class. Outstanding lifter award will go to the best male and female athlete competing, Jr male and female and top master male and females.  

There will also be a team award given, men and women combined. School are awards will be given out as long as the lifter totals

Entry Fee: $65.00 for masters, seniors, and junior lifters all entries are non-refundable.    Late entries will be accepted if room permits. 

The Met LWC will take the first 60 lifters. It is important to get the entry in as early as possible.

   The Metropolitan   LWC/ meet director has the right to Deny any entry.  To make a payment go https://webpoint.usaweightlifting.org/wp15/Events2/Registrations/Register.wp?rgs_EventID=144988  Copy and paste this link if you can’t click on it.


If you have any questions please contact Meet director Dena Smith at (516) 317-1584.   Or e-mail at mamabeansdk@aol.com or you can call  Chris Smith the president of the Metropolitan LWC  at 516 317 3436 or e mail him at longislandweightlifting@gmail.com



I hereby grant this Release and Waiver in conjunction with the 2018 Nick Curry Memorial/ Holiday open  (Sanction #06-18-144988  ) held on Dec 16, 2018 (“Event”) and provided and sanctioned by Metropolitan Local Weightlifting Committee of the U.S.A. Weightlifting Federation (“METRO”) at the facility made available by Professional Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, P.C. (“PC”) and Professional Athletic Performance Center, L.L.C. (“LLC”) (PC and LLC are hereinafter collectively referred to as “PAPC”) located at 645 Stewart Avenue, Garden City, New York, 11530 (“Location”).  The Event will be solely provided to Participant by METRO through its authorized and certified employees, staff, contractors, agents, representatives, and/or designated personnel. METRO is not employed by or affiliated with PC and/or LLC and/or their affiliated entities in any way.

 In signing this Release and Waiver, I agree and understand that PAPC, its affiliates, staff, employees, agents, servants and/or designated personnel have no control, ownership, or responsibility over the Event being rendered by METRO. In recognition of the foregoing, I agree that neither PAPC, nor any of PAPC’s successors, assigns, affiliates, employees, officers, directors, members, representatives, parents, affiliated entities, subsidiaries, related companies, divisions, agents and servants, whether current or former, shall be liable for any claim, liability, loss, damage, cost or expense of any kind from my being on premises of Location or from my participation (or, if applicable, the participation of the Minor named below) in the Event. I affirm and understand I shall be solely and fully responsible for payment of the Event and that it is the sole responsibility of METRO to seek payment directly from me for the Event, with no involvement of PAPC. 

 I further understand and agree that Professional makes no representations or warranties as to the scope or nature of the Event, nor as to the condition or use of Location, nor as to my ability to participate in the Event provided by METRO, nor my ability to pay for said Event.  For purposes of further clarification, it is understood that METRO shall retain sole responsibility for the administration of the Event, all services provided at Event, as well as the billing and collection for said Event from each individual Participant. 

By signature below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand this Release and Waiver, am signing it freely and voluntarily, and consent to the terms and conditions contained therein.Participant

Name (Print):______________________________________________________________

If Minor (under age 18), Name of Parent/Legal Guardian (Print): ____________________________            

Signature of Participant or Parent/Legal Guardian:________________________________________





Location & Contact Information
Facility:Professional Athletic Performance Center
645 Stewart Ave
Garden City, NY  11530
Coordinator:Dena Smith

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