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Team Registration - 2019 American Open Series I
Register your Team for the American Open Series with simplified rules!
Submit your TEAM ROSTER FORM by 2019 January 28th, 10.30am MST through:

The rules are:
1) Teams are all Mixed Gender;
2) All team members need to be from the same club;
3) Up to five athletes per team. The top four athletes will score points;
4) There is no need to appoint an alternate or reserve team member;
5) You can submit your Team Roster until the Verification of Final Entries meeting for this event.
6) Points are awarded based on the position in the Open;
7) Athletes finishing first receive 28 points. Finishing in second, 25 points. Third, 23 points. Fourth, 22 points. Fifth, 21 points. Sixth, 20 points. And so on and so forth. Placement is determined by Total.
Good luck to all!
Price: $110.00
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